GEJ Productions is a team of Lawton citizens with a combined 25 years in Lawton.  We are workers, and proud citizens of this great city.   We formed this organization in order to give back to our community, and provide all ages with activities that will assist in keeping the streets of Lawton safe.  The team has committed to use their own finances to fund this event and many more to come.  This team is donating part of the proceeds to help with the ongoing battle of Diabetes.  Diabetes has taken the lives of many people at an early age.  We are looking to do our part in assisting in the controlling and/or cure of this crippling disease.  This matter is near and dear to our hearts because just like many parents out there, a member of GEJ Productions has also suffered the terrible loss of a daughter last year, and a promise was made to her, to never cease in the fight to cure Diabetes.  The initials TMG are in memory of our wonderful daughter.

Upcoming Events

Nov 8, 2013 0700 Oklahoma Best Gospel Slam
Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.